PMP certification cost in India | Simplified

PMP Certification Cost in India

The certification cost for PMP can be divided into the following components:

  1. PMP exam cost
  2. PDU Cost (PMP workshop Training)

1. PMP certification Cost | PMP exam cost:

The PMP exam cost per the PMI India website is based on whether you are a member or not. So let us see the cost if you are a non-member or a member:

Certifications Non-Member Price (INR) Member Price (INR)
PMP Exam 42,863.00 23,459.00


Thats a whooping difference of INR 19,404/- if you are a non member

So should you become a member of PMI? and what is the cost of PMI membership cost in India?

PMI Membership One time Fee
8418 772


A new PMI membership cost in India is INR 8418, plus a one-time setup fee is levied. The PMI membership -one-time setup fee is INR 772. So for a new PMI member, the total cost of PMI membership is INR. 9190/- PLUS GST of 18% 

But this is still better than the INT19K difference in the PMP exam fee. Also, the PMI membership gives you benefits like magazine subscriptions, Access to various forums, and volunteer opportunities. PMI also has started a job portal plus many other features like access to articles and templates.  For more information on membership benefits, you can check the following:

Now that we understand the PMP exam cost component, which goes to PMI. What is the PDU cost?

2. PMP certification Cost | PMP Training Cost (35 PDUs)

You can do self-study training with PMI, live training (zoom, etc.) with instructors (PMI certified Instructors), or classroom training with certified instructors.

  1. The PMI self-study course can be accessed and bought at the PMI website.
  2. The live and classroom training can be searched at the PMI website (your friends can always suggest)

Which one is better?

Any road is fine as far as it takes you the desired destination.

But look for:

  • Knowledgeable instructor (That can make or break your PMP career path and PMP exam success)
  • Support for PMP application filling
  • PMP Tests (are they updated/ new syllabus and include the PMI cloned questions)

PMI’s PMP self-study course details:

PMI's PMP exam cost for India
PMI’s PMP exam cost for India is 37,765 plus GST

What about other options?

You can explore various provides and can check the PMP prep course cost.

The 35 PDU PMP training cost in India varies from INR 9500 – 25000

It’s better to select the trainer with a better record for passing student ratio than to go with cheaper options. WHY?

80% of the people who failed the PMP exam were preparing with the wrong material and wrong concepts.

Thats why it makes sense to select the right trainer/coach for your PMP success.

What if you fail?

Certifications Non-Member Price (INR) Member Price (INR)
PMP Exam (Retake) 28,961.00 15,929.00

You can take a maximum of 3 attempts in a year – hmm – it would be a pity to select this path..

So with that information, you must be prepared to spend anywhere between INR 42,000 – 50,000 towards the PMP Exam.

Should I go for PMP certification – is the cost justified?

According to the PMI Salary Survey 2022, PMP-certified project managers earn an average of 16% more than non-certified project managers. This salary difference is even higher in some countries, such as:

  • United States: 32%
  • United Kingdom: 25%
  • India: 20%

Here is the link to the PMI Salary Survey 2022:

This alone is a good parameter to go for PMP certification.

Dont forget the other gains like:

  • Power to choose – change jobs /move to a different country with PMP certification (better opportunities)
  • Global certification – you are recognized for your knowledge in the project management domain
  • Skill advantage – you know better than others!

If you want to start your PMP journey, you can start by checking your eligibility. Here is the video for the same:

This is a lot of text. Do you have a video to understand the PMP exam cost for India? Yes. Here it is:

Video | PMP certification cost for Indians | Simplified