Leveraging AI in Project Management: Kavita Sharma’s Video Series


We are at a stage of transformation. we have seen it earlier with the telecom revolution and now with AI. There are so many threats and so many anxieties.

One thing is sure though – we need to ride this wave of AI, or else we will slowly get sidelined by AI, AI tools, or the people who could use AI  efficiently.

AI in Project Management Series

Since I am a developer by heart and love to do coding/ venture into unknowns – AI is something that excites me. So with this video hands-on series of AI  in PM, I would like to explore a few ways to work with AI tools including ChatGPT and a few others to see if we as executives/ Project Managers can leverage AI tools in project Management and other day-to-day tasks.  I will keep updating these videos on this page as and when they are released.

Here is the first one – Its is simple fun with AI – make a cartoon 🙂

AI in Project Management # 1: Lets Begin the journey to AI