Congratulations Raja for earning PMP

Congratulations Raja for earning PMP Badge before time 🙂

Hi Kavita, 

I am happy to inform you that I have cleared my PMP exam on Nov 26th, 2020. Without your youtube video “Kavita Sharma PMP 21days,” it would not be possible

It just not only help me to understand the PMP concept and processes but also motivate me on my PMP preparation journey. I am really grateful and would like to thank you for making your video available and accessible to everyone via your youtube channel free of charge

Funny Fact: I planned to sit for the exam on Dec 26th, but I mistakenly scheduled it on Nov 25th morning. I had no choice but to take the exam. And I did, and now a successful PMP, ahead of schedule 😁. 

Thank you once again.

Raja Gurkha from Myanmar