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I’m looking for PMP mock tests

I’ve already attended a class and is fairly confident on concepts. I need more practice tests .

The PMP Test Prep Kit is prepared by Kavita Sharma – Significant Contributor of the PMBOK. The online self study course is proven to help people pass the PMP exam in their first try. The Course comes with 21 Days plan which can be customized as per your requirement. Each days work is attempted from the course in a proven manner.

Comes with 5 Full Length Tests.

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PMP Test Prep Kit

After the workshop

Attended a course long back, need to restart my preparation before syllabus changes

I’ve attended a course earlier but I do not feel confident on PMP concepts.

Start with the PMP Online self study course. The course is presented in a workshop style. Many of the students commented on how they liked the workshop method because the participants asked the same questions which were going in their minds. It is engaging and divided in 15 -20 minutes of STUDY CAPSULES. The understanding is revised after every module by using Let’s Play quizzes. The chapter finishes with the Module End Exercises which challenges one to apply the learned concepts.

Easy and nice to understand methodology by Kavita Sharma.
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PMP Self Study Online Course

Restart your PMP Prepration


I want books

I want to begin by reading books as of now and see if PMP is for me.

You can start with the Pass PMP in 21 Days – STUDY GUIDE also called step1. The books are available at Amazon and NotioPress. You can check the menu books to see the availability at various stores. 

Also available in Amazon kindle store.


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Pass PMP in 21 Days Books

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I failed the PMP exam /

I want to Pass PMP in my FIRST attempt

I tried sometimes back and failed in the PMP exam. What should I do?

Start your preparation afresh. 

You can not expect a different output with same inputs. 

Understand the PMP concepts in a live class where you can ask questions and interact with fellow students. This way you will build a strong foundation and will pass the PMP exam.

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PMP Online with Kavita Sharma

Pass PMP in 21 Days workshops