Smart PMP Renewal – Get 60 PDUs for PMP Renewal

Keep Your PMI Certification Fresh: A Simple Guide to CCR, PDUs, and More

Welcome to CCR 101

  • First off, keeping your PMI certification up to date is crucial. It shows you’re serious about your project management career.
  • We’ll dive into the CCR program, focusing on the PMP and CAPM certs. It’s the key to keeping your credential shiny and new.

What is a PDU?

PDUs are Professional Development Units that are recognized by PMI towards renewal of various certifications like PMP, RMP, PgMP, CAPM and ACP. Think of them as points you earn for learning more about project management or contributing to the field.

Earning Your PDUs: The Broad Categories

You need PDUs to renew your PMI certification. They come in two flavors: learning and giving back.

  • For the Learners: You can rack up PDUs by taking courses, attending workshops, or even through online learning. Reading articles or attending relevant meetings also counts. No maximum limit. You can earn all PDUs under this head.
  • For the Givers: Share your knowledge by writing articles, volunteering, or just doing your job. Yes, working in project management can earn you PDUs! Maximum PDU limit apply here.

However be aware that the learning  should be compliant with PMI’s Talent Triangle.

Learning /Education PDUs

  • Learning is MUST for any Professional to grow in their working sphere. and hence PMI introduced the PMI’s Talent Triangle to guide the certificate holders. 
  • Any learning PDU should comply with PMI’s Talent Triangle under the 3 categories of Ways of working or Business Acumen or Leadership Skills. 
  • PMI would recognised the education PDUs under the PMI talent triangle only. If you lean astrology 🙂 – that won’t be counted under Education PDUs.
  • You can gain all PDUs under this category. There is NO Maximum limit. 
  • There is a minimum limit means that within a renew cycle the certificate holder should learn something new in accordance with PMI’s Talent Triangle.

Giving Back PDUs

  • Easiest
  • The Categories are:
    • Volunteering
    • Creating knowledge
    • Working as a professional
  • However there is maximum limit to claim PDUs under Giving Back category.
  • Example – PMP credential holders can not claim more than 25 PDUs 
  • For the rest PDU’s you need to learn ie attend a course, read a book to gain the required knowledge as per PMI’s talent triangle.

What is the PMI Talent Triangle?

PMI’s Talent Triangle is a guideline released by PMI to ensure that the PDU claimed by certification holders are inline with their required fields.  For example a project manager should be working with people and should know hoe to lead and manage a team. New way to manage them is one of the key aspect of their learning and these learnings/teachings/practicing can be accounted for under 3 categories as below:

The 3 Categories in PMI’s Talent Triangle

PMI’s Talent Triangle

Guideline to accumulate PDUs

Ways of Working

Ways of working are the skillset required by the project manager to handle the project proficiently. The skills include knowing various methodologies to apply in the changing scenarios.

Power Skills

To get the project executed, we need to work with people. How to motivate and lead a team comes under power skills

Business Acumen

As a Project Manager grows in the organisaton, you would need to know the strategic alignment and work with and towards attaining the stratgic goals of teh customer or your organisation. Adopting to the changed schenior, understanding the bigger picture is Business Acumen.


The Renewal Cycle: Diving in details

You’ve got 3 years to collect a set number of PDUs. The exact number depends on your certification. 

The below chart shows the PDU requirements for various PMI certifications.

PMI’s certificate | renewal requirements

The chart shows PDU required for various certificates