Deepak Kumar Passes PMP on First Try!

I’m thrilled to share an inspiring success story from the “Pass PMP in 21 Days” program. Deepak Kumar, a dedicated learner, has achieved a fantastic milestone by passing the PMP exam on his first attempt!

Deepak’s journey to PMP certification was fueled by determination, hard work, and the right resources. He credits his success to comprehensive coaching, in-depth study materials, and invaluable insights into key concepts and tricks provided by me, Kavita Sharma.

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Congratulations, Deepak, on your well-deserved success! You’ve shown that with the right support and dedication, passing the PMP exam on the first attempt is not just a goal but a reality.

Here is what Deepak wrote:

Dear Kavita,

I passed the PMP exam at my first attempt.
Thank you for your coaching and guidance, study materials, key concepts, keywords and tricks which helped me to pass the PMP exam.
Your LMS portal and its contents, really a great asset, helped me a lot !
Thank you for your great support !
Thank and regards,
Deepak Kumar

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