Transform Your Career in Just Two Weekends!


Step 1: Pre-Class Preparation

Prepare ahead with our comprehensive pre-reads. Gain a solid foundation before the class begins, setting yourself up for success.


Step 2: Interactive Weekend Session

Join Kavita Sharma, a top PMP trainer, for 4-hour interactive classes over two weekends. Engage in real-world case studies, discussions, and hands-on activities that bring project management concepts to life.


Case Studies and Activities

Experience practical learning through engaging case studies and interactive activities.


Step 3: 21-Day Prep Plan

Conclude your learning journey with a meticulously crafted 21-day prep plan. Follow a detailed schedule with daily tests and activities designed to reinforce your knowledge and ensure you're exam-ready.


Pass PMP in 21 Days

With Kavita Sharma's BEST passing ratio, as highlighted on the PMI dashboard, all our students successfully achieve their PMP certification.


Join the Best to be the Best

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Kavita Sharma’s PMP virtual weekend class is your ticket to PMP Success


People Say

You made it Easy...

LMS with 21 Days plan kept me on track - I passed PMP

Let's Play in the class and Keywords helped me

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I just followed your lectures and passed PMP