Eligibility Criteria for PMP

PMP Certification Eligibility Criteria

Years of Project Management Experience 3 Years (36 Months) 5 Years (60 Months)
Hours of Project Management Education 35 Hours 35 Hours

More information available at PMI.org here is the link: https://www.pmi.org/certifications/types/project-management-pmp

The PMP certification is a 3 STEP process:

  1. Get 35 PDUs: There are training providers who trains you on PMBOK and provides you with the required certificate so that you are eligible for the PMP exam. This cost varies and depends on region and type of trainings. You can check various training options for PMP having 35 PDU certificate at kavitasharma.net
  2. The PMI registration cost(Annual): Register with PMI. This will give you access to a much required standard called PMBOK. The PMI registration process is simple and you can register at any time. This is an annual membership and a payment required. Currently it is USD 129. More information can be checked at: https://www.pmi.org/help-marketplace/membership-help
  3. The PMP Application Fee(One time): The PMP application fee is USD 405 for a member (see point2) for a non member you can pay USD 555 to apply for PMP exam directly. More information here: https://www.pmi.org/certifications/types/project-management-pmp

Most of the operation Managers are in long term operations/support projects. However, all operations have upgrades, improvement and other initiatives. All these initiative which has a start date and end date are considered as PROJECTS.

So check how many process improvements you did or how any upgrades you/your team performed and take it from there.

Ideally, if you have been in operations/support for more than five years – you are good to go for the PMP certification.

I know, you have been thinking about PMP certification but do not know where to start…

The first step is to check your eligibility.

The next step is to enroll for a PMP workshop with an Institute/consultant whom you trust.  This will help you get the 35PDU certificate and jump start your PMP preparations.

More details at PMI.org: https://www.pmi.org/certifications/types/project-management-pmp

That’s a great thought.

However, in my experience, I’ve found that most of the people get anxious when they look at PMBOK as the book is a standard and uses specific terms which are difficult to understand in first go.

Check for Institutes/Consultants who provide specific information about pre-reads and pay attention to your questions before the workshop.

It’s a good idea to study before the PMP classes as it will help you understand the topics in much better depth.

Yes – RMC book on PMP Preparation by Rita Mulcahy is a good book. However, there are other great books available which can help you understand the topics in shorter time frame by using scientific methods and help you Pass the PMP exam.

Wait for your PMP training provider (Consultant) inputs on this before you start the buying spree.

You need to become a member of PMI. Once you are a member of PMI, you will receive an email with all the details on the downloadable resources and communities which you can be part of.

No, You can become a PMI member today.

The eligibility criteria will come into the picture only when you apply for the PMP exam credentials.  Which will be required once you attain the 35 PDUs ie once you have attended a PMP workshop.

Yes. If you plan to schedule your PMP exam within next 1 year, It is a good idea to become a member of PMI. This will help you get the required standards and eReads to help you get started.

Great. That’s a good start.

I will write steps in a concise manner, here they are:

  1. Check your PMP eligibility.
  2. Start the search for good institute/coach to get 35 PDU workshop
  3. Check the horizon, your leave status, work status etc. Plan and look for a window where you should have at-least 2-4 hours every day for PMP preparation.
  4. If this window is within 1 Year time frame – Good. If not – there is no hurry, come back later and start with step 3 again 🙂
  5. Become a PMI member.
  6. Attend a PMP workshop.
  7. Once you attend a PMP workshop, you will get a 35 PDU certificate, this is required for filling the PMP application.
  8. File PMP application, the PMP application once approved will be valid for 1 year. That means that you can schedule your exam at any time at any place within 1 year of the PMP application approval date.
  9. Start with the PMP Mock Tests, prepare for PMP exam, do many tests, simulate the 4 hours, 200 question environment.
  10. Select the exam date for PMP exam and PASS the Exam

It’s easy – right.

 180 questions in 230 Mins.

Yes and No.

PMP questions are based on Blooms Taxonomy and can really assess you on the Project Management knowledge. You need to be thorough with concepts to pass the exam.