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Pre- Approved PDUs Bundles

Renewal packs for all PMI certifications (ACP/CAPM/ACP/PgMP/PfMP/PMP)

Enhance your expertise and earn PDUs for PMP, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMG and CAPM credential renewal with ease. Our courses, pre-approved by PMI in accordance with the PMI CCR handbook, offer flexible learning options tailored to your renewal cycle. Earn required PDUs for each category in just 5 Mins using the pre-approved course codes at PMI dashboard. The process is simple and quick.

Happy Manager series to get pre-approved PDUs

The PDUs programs bundles are available to:

60 PDU pack towards:

  • Renew PMP
  • Renew PgMP
  • Renew PfMP

30 PDU pack towards:

  • Renew ACP
  • Renew PMI – SP
  • Renew PMI- PBA and

15 PDU pack to:

  • Renew CAPM
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A simple guide to PMI renewal Process

Overview |  PMI Certification renewal process | A Simple Guide

What is PMI certification renewal requirements? – how to earn PDUs and how to maintain your certification – we lean all of this here in this article today.

  • First off, keeping your PMI certification up to date is crucial. It shows you’re serious about your project management career.
  • We’ll dive into the CCR program, focusing on the PMP and CAPM certs. It’s the key to keeping your credential shiny and new.

What is a PDU?

PDUs are Professional Development Units that are recognized by PMI towards renewal of various certifications like PMP, RMP, PgMP, CAPM and ACP. Think of them as points you earn for learning more about project management or contributing to the field.

Earning Your PDUs: The Broad Categories

You need PDUs to renew your PMI certification. They come in two flavors: learning and giving back.

  • For the Learners: You can rack up PDUs by taking courses, attending workshops, or even through online learning. Reading articles or attending relevant meetings also counts. No maximum limit. You can earn all PDUs under this head.
  • For the Givers: Share your knowledge by writing articles, volunteering, or just doing your job. Yes, working in project management can earn you PDUs! Maximum PDU limit apply here.

However be aware that the learning  should be compliant with PMI’s Talent Triangle.

Learning /Education PDUs

  • Learning is MUST for any Professional to grow in their working sphere. and hence PMI introduced the PMI’s Talent Triangle to guide the certificate holders.
  • Any learning PDU should comply with PMI’s Talent Triangle under the 3 categories of Ways of working or Business Acumen or Leadership Skills.
  • PMI would recognised the education PDUs under the PMI talent triangle only. If you lean astrology 🙂 – that won’t be counted under Education PDUs.
  • You can gain all PDUs under this category. There is NO Maximum limit. 
  • There is a minimum limit means that within a renew cycle the certificate holder should learn something new in accordance with PMI’s Talent Triangle.

Giving Back PDUs

  • Easiest
  • The Categories are:
    • Volunteering
    • Creating knowledge
    • Working as a professional
  • However there is maximum limit to claim PDUs under Giving Back category.
  • Example – PMP credential holders can not claim more than 25 PDUs
  • For the rest PDU’s you need to learn ie attend a course, read a book to gain the required knowledge as per PMI’s talent triangle.

What is the PMI Talent Triangle?

PMI’s Talent Triangle is a guideline released by PMI to ensure that the PDU claimed by certification holders are inline with their required fields.  For example a project manager should be working with people and should know hoe to lead and manage a team. New way to manage them is one of the key aspect of their learning and these learnings/teachings/practicing can be accounted for under 3 categories as below:

The 3 Categories in PMI’s Talent Triangle

PMI’s Talent Triangle

Guideline to accumulate PDUs

Ways of Working

Ways of working are the skillset required by the project manager to handle the project proficiently. The skills include knowing various methodologies to apply in the changing scenarios.

Power Skills

To get the project executed, we need to work with people. How to motivate and lead a team comes under power skills

Business Acumen

As a Project Manager grows in the organisaton, you would need to know the strategic alignment and work with and towards attaining the stratgic goals of teh customer or your organisation. Adopting to the changed schenior, understanding the bigger picture is Business Acumen.

The Renewal Cycle: Diving in details

You’ve got 3 years to collect a set number of PDUs. The exact number depends on your certification.

The below chart shows the PDU requirements for various PMI certifications.

PMI’s certificate | renewal requirements

The chart shows PDU required for various certificates

People Reviews

Kavita Sharma’s Happy Manager PDU renewal Courses

Read what our satisfied learners have to say about their experience with the Happy Manager PDU renewal course, developed by Kavita Sharma. The Happy Manager course series  is designed to help you earn the necessary PDUs seamlessly while enhancing your project management skills.

Kavita Sharma’s Happy Manager course was exactly what I needed to renew my PMP certification. The course content was comprehensive and engaging, making it easy to earn my 60 PDUs without stress. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to maintain their PMP credentials.

Michael B. - Project Director, USA

The Happy Manager course by Kavita Sharma was a game-changer for me. The insights and practical knowledge provided were invaluable, and the process of earning PDUs was very straightforward. I highly recommend this course to all project management professionals.

Neha M

Kavita Sharma’s Happy Manager course made earning my 60 PDUs an enjoyable experience. The content was relevant, engaging, and very well presented. Renewing my PMP certification has never been this easy!

Alejandro G. - Program Manager, Spain

All Your Questions on PDUs – Answered Here


Does all PMI certification have renewal process?

Yes, All PMI certification involves maintaining your PMI certification by earning required Professional Development Units (PDUs) over three years and applying for renewal through the PMI website. More details can be found at

You still have time to renew. Confirm the same with PMI support. Login to your PMI dashboard and claim PDUs as per your PMI certification requirement. Once you fulfill the requirement, renew your PMI certification. Remember that all PMI certifications have a 3 year renewal timeline.

Renewing your PMI certification shows your ongoing commitment to professional growth and ensures your skills stay relevant in the evolving business environment.

PDUs, or Professional Development Units, are earned through professional development activities such as attending webinars, taking courses, or contributing to the profession by mentoring or creating content.  You need to spend required hours to earn equivalent PDUs ie one hour project management seminar would earn you 1 PDU.

You need to earn 60 PDUs over a three-year cycle to renew your PMP certification.

No, PDUs are obtained through learning activities and professional development, not work experience. However, activities like leading projects, giving project management presentations, or writing articles on the topic can earn you PDUs.

PDUs are reported by logging into the PMI website at and entering them into the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) system, detailing the activity and the number of PDUs earned. You may need to give required documents/dates and verification details.

If you don’t earn the required required PDUs within your three-year cycle, your PMI certification will be suspended for one year. The good part is that in the suspended year, you can still renew your PMI credential.

PMI sends email reminders as your certification end date approaches. Keeping track of your end date and PDU earnings is also recommended to ensure timely renewal. Login to to know your PMI certification status.

Missing the renewal deadline puts your certification in a suspended state for one year. You can not use your credential when in suspended state. The good news is that if you decide to renew, then you can report the required PDUs and renew your PMI credential by paying the renewal fee at

There are two main types of PDUs: Education PDUs and Giving Back PDUs. Education PDUs are earned by participating in educational activities, such as taking courses, attending workshops, or reading books. Giving Back PDUs are earned by volunteering your time to the project management profession, such as speaking at conferences or mentoring other project managers. To know more about acquiring free PDU – check this article: /free-pdus/

A simple way to earn PDUs is to enroll in a course that offers PDUs. This way you do not have to track and worry about the TOTAL PDUs and PMI talent training requirements. Plus you will learn the new required topics as well.

The other ways to gain PDUs are to volunteer, read, and present. The downside is that you may need to track the PDU requirements yourself.

Yes, you can carry over up to few PDUs from the last year of your certification cycle to the next cycle. However, you cannot carry over PDUs from the first two years of your cycle.

To renew your PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification, you need to earn 30 PDUs in agile topics over a three-year cycle and apply for renewal through the PMI website.

You can earn PDUs by participating in professional development activities such as attending agile seminars, taking agile-related courses, or contributing to the profession by mentoring or creating content.

Yes, PDUs earned for PMI-ACP can be applied towards other PMI certifications that require PDUs, provided they align with the required categories.

To renew your Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification, you need to earn 15 PDUs over a three-year cycle and apply for renewal through the PMI website.

You can earn PDUs by engaging in professional development activities such as attending project management courses, webinars, or contributing to the profession by mentoring or creating content.

Yes, out of the 15 PDUs required for CAPM renewal, at least 9 should come from the Education category, and the remaining 6 can come from Giving Back to the Profession activities.