About Kavita Sharma: PMP, CAPM and Agile Coach

Meet Kavita Sharma - PMP, CAPM, and Agile Coach

As you navigate the world of Project Management, one name stands tall amongst the rest – Kavita Sharma.

Kavita is a seasoned Project Management Coach, Bestseller Author, Software Engineer, Architect, Manager, and Account Manager with over two decades of experience in renowned organizations like Microsoft, Tech Mahindra, Sapient, and Satyam and as a project management coach, mentor, and Bestseller Author.

Kavita Sharma - A Brief

Empowering Minds, One Step at a Time

Kavita Sharma has over 2 decades of diverse management experience, including 15+ years in corporate roles at multinational companies, giving her a wealth of knowledge and skills that can help individuals and organizations achieve their goals.
As a seasoned management consultant, Kavita has spent the past decade coaching individuals and consulting organizations, leveraging her expertise to drive results and foster growth. She has also authored several books that have been widely recognized for their insights and practical advice.
Kavita Sharma's Pass PMP in 21 Days workshops are fun and engaging. The workshop uses quick learning techniques like keywords, revision Let's Play questions, and PMP-style homework. And that's the reason Kavita Sharma's students pass the PMP exam in their FIRST Attempt.
Kavita Sharma's Students have one of the BEST PASSING PERCENTAGE RATIO as per PMI records*

Kavita Sharma is the Author of the books "Pass PMP in 21 Days - Study Guide" and "Pass PMP in 21 Days - Practice Tests" - The BEST- SELLER in the PMP sphere.

She worked closely with PMI  in the development of PMBOK and is recognized by PMI as a significant contributor to PMBOK.

Kavita Sharma

Author, Coach and your Guide

My PMP Story

Kavita Sharma’s Corporate Experience

Kavita Sharma started her career as a programmer and worked to become a technical lead and later account manager with Microsoft. With Tech Mahindra, she served as an end-to-end program manager and Account Manager. In her last role with Microsoft in EPG, Kavita worked as a trusted advisor and looked after their biggest clients, coming up with technical solutions to their business problems. In her Project management career, Kavita Sharma managed diversified virtual big teams and multinational customers.

She managed project using agile practices, hybrid project management and successfully delivered the right outcomes.

Kavita led successful multinational teams with diverse skills and achieved high ESAT ratings. She collaborated with C-level clients, delivering projects that always received outstanding feedback.

Kavita Sharma – The People’s Author

After stepping back from the corporate salary structure, Kavita Sharma joined one of India’s largest Registered Education Providers (REP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and began coaching on the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. She collaborated with the REP to create a book series on the newly released Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) for student circulation. Due to the book’s structure, easy language, bite-sized content, and revision exercises, it became a hit with students. She then launched her book series, “Pass PMP in 21 Days,” to help students prepare for the PMP exam with a day-by-day plan. The book series has been updated regularly to keep up with the latest curriculum and continues to be a big hit.

Pass PMP in 21 Days - Books

3 books to help you pass the PMP exam on the first attempt.

Methodical, Fun, and Easy to read.

The three books in PMP series are:

  1. Pass PMP in 21 Days - Study Guide
  2. Pass PMP in 21 Days - Practice Tests
  3. Pass PMP in 21 Days - Shortcut

You can start with the Study guide to get started with concepts.

The Practice test book will help you if you are in need of good PMP questions - apart from presenting the questions - this book will help you understand the PMP topics so that you get clarity to answer the PMP questions in the exam.

The PMP shortcut is an easy revision of the concepts and always works with you when you practice for the PMP exam.

All 3 books written by Kavita has helped thousands of PMP aspirants to pass their exam. You could be the next. Start today.

Pass CAPM in 21 Days - Books

Kavita Sharma also served as a Steering Committee member for PMI-India to promote project management in colleges. She then prepared for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam to see the material from a college student’s perspective and passed it with ease. She then wrote two books in the “Pass CAPM in 21 Days” series, tailored to college students and new aspiring managers, keeping their experience in mind. Both books have been doing great in the market, helping people prepare for and pass the CAPM exam.

2 books to help you pass the CAPM exam in your first attempt. Easy, Fun and full of examples for a new manager.

  1. Pass CAPM in 21 Days - The Ultimate Study Guide
  2. Pass CAPM in 21 Days - ITTO - Keywords


Start with the CAPM ultimate Study guide to get started with concepts. This will help you understand the agile practices with examples and predictive practices with example. This will help you understand the projects and which life cycle to apply. Once that is clear then the book will walk you through Business Analysis concepts which is one of the topic for CAPM students to master. The CAPM study Guide is the the BEST updated book on the new syllabus.

The CAPM ITTO - Keywords is easy revision to the concepts and works with you all time when you practice for the CAPM exam.

Both the books written by Kavita has helped many CAPM aspirants to understand and pass their CAPM exam in the first attempt.


Kavita Sharma’s work as a Significant Contributor to PMBOK

Adding another feather to her cap, Kavita was one of the 7 people who reviewed PMBOK from the quality perspective and ensured that PMBOK6 content is consistent and is a valuable resource. Due to her work in the team, she was listed under the head as a significant contributor to the PMBOK. Kavita Sharma was one name under Significant contributors to the PMBOK6.

PMBOK is often referred to as the golden standard in project management. Her contribution to this resource is a testament to her in-depth knowledge and expertise in Project Management.

Kavita Sharma | Listed in the PMBOK

Check Kavita Sharma as a Significant Contributor

Kavita Sharma – Your Trusted Coach

A culmination of her corporate experiences, prolific authorship, and successful tutoring endeavors – Kavita Sharma is a brand known for excellence in Project Management. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced professional, aligning your journey with Kavita Sharma using the designed 21-day plan ensures a guaranteed success.

Few of Kavita Sharma's Best Seller Courses:

Upcoming PMP Class

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As per PMI – Kavita Sharma’s Student have the BEST PMP Pass Ratio

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