Congratulations Mahboobur Rahman

It’s been a great pleasure to coach you Mahboobur. Wishing you success in all endeavors.

Dear Kavita Jee

I just gave my PMP exam yesterday and passed! 🙂 I would like to thank you very much for all the help and compassion you showed me (you extended my online access multiple times over these years!). I purchased all the hard copies from amazon, I am not much of an online study person. But your course recording also helped me a lot to prepare and gain the confidence to finally go for the exam! (I did CAPM previously thanks again with the course I attended in Abu Dhabi) I would highly recommend anyone who wants to do PMP to attend your online course. The content will benefit anyone to go though and prepare, and the defining factor is you yourself! The language you use is very simple to comprehend and the thought process you give to your students is amazing in preparing for the exam. My big Thanks to you again. Will keep in touch. Take care. BR, Mahboobur Rahman