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9 Ways to Earn FREE PDUs and 1 Shortcut


10 Ways to Earn 60 PDUs – 9 Free PMI divides the PDUs under two broad categories and they are 1. Giving bank to profession 2. Education. Lets explore the first category to earn FREE PDUs Giving Back to Profession 1. Work as a Practitioner (Get FREE PDUs) Details Each day, your work in a […]

Should I do PMP or not – Is the cost justifiable?

Should I do PMP or not – Is the cost justifiable? Are you aspiring to become a Project Management Professional (PMP)? Understanding the total components and costs involved in the process is crucial. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various expenses associated with achieving your PMP certification. PMI Membership Cost ($139 USD): To […]

Are you preparing for the PMP exam? Important info | PMP Exam changes in 2023

PMP Exam changes in 2023

The PMP Exam is changing in 2023: All you Need to Know.   The PMP Exam is one of the most recognized credentials in the Project Management industry. Today, many companies across various industries use PMP as a requirement for project managers. PMI is the controlling authority of PMP certification and PMBOk standards. You can […]

Salience Model – How to manage stakeholders

The below video describes the salient model in detail. Latent Stakeholders They have just ONE attribute: 1 Dormant stakeholders They have power but not urgency or legitimacy. A stakeholder from top management of another unit. 2 Discretionary stakeholders They are legitimate but have no power or urgency. NGOs in construction projects. A feedback from your […]

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