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With the recent content update of 2021, It is more important that the PMP aspirant’s mindset needs to be more agile and focused on the project life cycle with an understanding of broader concepts. The book is updated to ensure that it is aligned with the latest update of the PMP exam content outline for 2021.The new exam is 180 questions with two breaks of 10 mins each. That would mean that the exam is divided into three sections having 60 questions each.  Each section is independent and has to be attempted as full. Once a section is closed, you can not come back to it to review.. 

The result of the exam is displayed only after the third section, i.e., section C.

The questions are changed to multi-answer, drag, and drop, and TRUE/FALSE. All those changes are reflected in the new book.

You have the best resource for the PMP examination preparation. Go ahead and start the 21 Days plan. 

The 21 days plan is given for the preparation – kindly follow to get the best outcome. This book is written with the assumption that you have gone through the 35 PDU course. The book is primarily written to revise the topics and evaluate your knowledge and build the missing pieces if any.

The book does not have 3 full-length questions, and you can check to get the full-length questions (buy them) or use any other question bank. The idea is to practice as many questions as possible to simulate the PMP exam before the final exam.

With this, I wish you success. You have an excellent resource with you, follow the plan, and you will be successful.

All the best.

Kavita Sharma
Significant Contributor PMBOK

You can do it.

Be a PMP in 21 Days.

Book | PMP Practice Tests


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