Congratulations Shishupal – On achieving PMP success

Congratulations Shishupal – On achieving PMP success

My PMP Journey had Started in around 2011/12 when I was in Kathmandu, Nepal for telecom project deployment for enhancement of skills and knowledge. I tried but failed and it resisted in my experience Book & plan dropped till the next try.

In late 2019 or early 2020 during the Voda Idea merger , I had informal discussion with some friends and colleagues who lost their jobs then realised that skill/knowledge /certification has to be done immediately as per market requirement if one does not have any kind of relational /reference power .

It triggered again in my mind and immediately I set a goal to complete PMP certification in 2020 .

PMP journey begins ….Initially, I purchased online course material from Udemy author Joseph Philip. In free hours or late at night I started learning but confidence does not come in, then decided to join the online classes 2 hours for 2 weeks “Pass PMP in 21 Days by Kavita Sharma ‘‘ in 2019 .

Today on 23-Oct-20 ,I am glad to announce that I passed the PMP exam with the result as ..
Above Target – Initiating, Planning, Executing and Monitor & Controlling, Needs Improvement – Closing

The best part of PASS PMP in 21 days online Session , Key points that are highlighted during session and practice to identify the key words first then select the elimination technique to answer accordingly and Mock tests makes you unable to sit 4 hours in exam and >75% gives confidence .

Thanks a lot for such a wonderful coach who helped me to make my PMP journey fulfilled .
Now, certified as a PMP .

Shishupal SIngh Shakya