Cost of Failing the PMP Exam in INR | PMP cost calculator


Cost of Failing the PMP exam

I've created a calculator - check right side or below to calculate the cost of PMP exam if you fail.

Lot of people ask me why your trainings are costly (in India), outside India they are actually cheaper than the counter parts. 

Lets say you enroll for a cheaper training and got yourself a 35 PDU in the cost of 10K. 

See your prep cost. You will put at least 100 hours to prepare if not less. 

Your Hours also have some cost associated - I will keep it simple - 1000/Hour.

Now the PMP Exam fee which you pay to PMI. It roughly comes around 37000 inclusive of membership and taxes. 

Now Lets calculate the over all cost of if you fail the PMP exam:

1,47,000/- (One Lac Forty Seven Thousand is the cost of you failing the PMP exam.

Do you want that? 

Consider again and select a better trusted training provider - so that you PASS the PMP exam - in your FIRST attempt.

PMP Training Cost Calculator

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