9 ways to earn FREE PDUs

9 ways to earn FREE PDUs towards PMP renewal.

If you are a PMP, you know your certification is valid only for 3 years. So what after 3 years? Do you need to sit for the exam again? No, there are better ways. Earn 60 PDUs 🙂

In this post, we will learn what is PDUs, ways to earn them free, understand PMI’s Talent Triangle and its role in PDU claims, and understand the limitations of Free PDUs. So, let us start.

What is a PDU?

PDU stands for Professional Development Unit. When we learn and practice project management and leadership, we earn PDUs. One hour of learning is one hour of PDU.

Why do I need to earn PDUs?

PMI wants to ensure that all their certification holders stay current with the new trends, and hence, the emphasis is on learning on the job OR learning the new tools and techniques with new courses OR learning with a book. The idea is that a PMP certification holder should keep their knowledge at par with the industry trends.

Now I know what is PDU, but how do I earn PDUs?

That’s a great question. You can earn PDUs in several ways. These are listed below for you:

1. Earn PDUs by being a manager

Hmm, that’s interesting. Can I earn PDUs by just practicing as a Project manager? Yes absolutely. You can earn PDUs by just performing your role as a Project Manager. However, there is a twist. You can claim only some PDUs under this category. You can not claim more than 8 PDUs in this category. The good news is that you can claim these 8 PDUs free of cost.

2. Earn PDUs by writing a blog/book/article/office post

If you have a passion for writing, you can also turn that into gaining PDUs. Ensure that your article is within the scope of PMI’s Talent Triangle.

3. Earn Free PDUs by Presenting a topic in forums

A formal presentation also counts towards PDUs. Remember, 1 hour of presentation is 1 PDU.

4. Get Free PDUs by sharing your Knowledge

If you train someone, you also gain knowledge with the audience. So go train people and claim PDUs. 1 hour of training counts towards 1 hour of PDU.

5. Get Free PDUs by volunteering

Volunteering your skills as a Project Manager will also earn you PDUs. This could be within the organization, with any NGO, or other non-profits. Just record your work with the organization as proof for any verification. Same rule – One hour of volunteering equals one PDU.

6. Attending or Leading Meetings will earn you PDUs

This is awesome. As a PM, I’m always in meetings, so I would be able to fulfill all 60 PDU requirements…

No, PMI will entertain only a few PDUs under this category 🙁

7. Get Free PDUs by Reading Books

This will help you get 60 PDUs. Endure that the books are within the paradigm of the PMI’s talent triangle, and you keep the borrowing or buying records of all the books with you if you face an audit. Would you be audited? Yes – PMI can always ask for proof for your claims. Start now at Amazon Kindle.


8. Get PDUs by being part of a Class

You can claim PDUs if you level up your learning by being part of a class or attending a self-study course. The courses should be within the PMI’s Talaent triangle. Check Udemy.com

You won’t get any PDU if you claim for a photography course 🙂


What is PMI Talent Triangle

I’m very confused about PMI’s Talent Traignle – Pl explain what It is?

PMI rolled out the Talent Triangle for all the PDU claim code adherence. Any claim for PDUs, be it training, volunteering, or learning, should be within the PMI’s Talend Traiangle Domain. It looks like this:

PMI Talent Triangle

What is 3 Dimention of PMI PDU Triangle?

Ways of Working:

These are technical skills which you need to perform as a Project Manager. Ways of working PDUs are Engageing with stakeholders etc

Power Skills:

As a PM, you would also need to lead people and take people along. These skills are Power Skills as per PMI Talent Traingle.

Business Acumen:

Thinking long term vision, portfolio alignment etc comes under Business Acumen as per the PMI Talent Traingle.


Caution – FREE PDUs – Things to keep in mind

Using the above methods is easy and free. However, to fulfill the 60 PDU requirements for the PMP renewal, one must earn at least 8 PDUs in each PMI’s Talent Triangle category. That means that you would need at least 8 PDUs in the Ways of Working category, 8 PDUs in the Power Skills Category, and a minimum of 8 PDUs under the Business Acumen category of the PMI’s Talent Triangle as per the PMI’s 6- PDU renewal cycle of 3 years.

Easy 60 PDUs – Buy a pre-approved course from an ATP.

To get 60 PDUs, buying a pre-authorized claim code with PMI is one of the most efficient and shortest methods.

No hassles, and you can claim the desired 60 PDUs, including the mandated 8 PDUs in each category of the PMI’s talent triangle.

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Video | How to earn free PDUs