Salience Model – How to manage stakeholders

The below video describes the salient model in detail.

The Dimensions


  • Power is the authority or influence of the stakeholder on your project or its objectives.


  • Legitimacy is if the requirements/interest valid?


  • Urgency is time bound.
  • Check if requirement is time-specific or only fulfilment is important irrespective of time.

Latent Stakeholders

They have just ONE attribute:

1 Dormant stakeholders

  • They have power but not urgency or legitimacy.
  • A stakeholder from top management of another unit.

2 Discretionary stakeholders

  • They are legitimate but have no power or urgency.
  • NGOs in construction projects.
  • A feedback from your Team Member.
  • A vendor asking for specification of new upcoming iphone model
  • These stakeholders may ask for few details on the project.

3 Demanding stakeholders

  • They are with urgency.
  • Think of Assistant to CEO wants some information from your project
  • They may create unnecessary drama if needs are not met

Expectant Stakeholders

Combination of TWO attributes:

4 Dominant stakeholders: Power and legitimacy overlap

  • Your Boss hierarchy, The government clearance office
  • Manage as and when information is asked for.

5 Dangerous stakeholders:  Power and urgency

  • Local Terrorists/Goons
  • Identify these stakeholders and mitigate the threats they pose.

6 Dependent stakeholders:  legitimate and have the urgency

  • Construction : local residents
  • Keep them informed

Core Stakeholders

7. Definitive stakeholders:

  • Most important.
  • The power, legitimacy combined with urgency
  • Customer Top Management
  • Your Top Management
  • Manage them closely


  • These are not stakeholders of your project

Benefits of the Salience Model

  • It provides you with better insight into your stakeholders information needs.
  • It helps you optimize communications and hence resources, time, and effort.
  • It helps you manage stakeholders better.

Limitations of the Salience Model

  • Complex to follow