Congratulations Chiri

Hello Kavita, I passed my PMP exam in 28 days. Your coaching was excellent. I learnt a lot of project management concepts from this course Pls find the below tips from my experience of the PMP exam so that you can pass it on to future PMP aspirants:. 1. All the questions were 2 or 3 sentences long. Easy to read and understand. 2. 50% of the answers can be eliminated easily. But the other 2 choices are really hard to decide. 3. Most of the questions are situation based which mostly asks for people skills. 4. Agile / Hybrid questions were populated heavily. 5. If you know the servant leadership concepts well, then you can easily pass the exam. 6. I had to use a calculator only for 2 questions. 7. There will be 3 sessions of 75 minutes long if you wish to take a break of 2 ten minutes which is highly recommended. 8. Mock tests really helped to practice sitting for almost 4 hours. 9. Overall the exam was ok. Monday morning’s exam helped me to get that extra weekend. 10. Class Study materials + All Bonus questions + 4 mock tests are good enough for the PMP exam. With my experience from the class, I think most of us can easily score ATs in all domains. Thanks a bunch for helping me to reach my goal. Regards Chiri