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Thanks Jenny

Heartiest Congratulations I just passed my PMP on my first attempt with Above Targets in all five domains. The Easy Study Guide was by far the most valuable resource I used – and the most affordable! I first tried some online videos through a program.  With full-time employment and life in general, this gave me no time to read and absorb. The program offered weekend classes but I was less happy with that instructor and had become frustrated. My husband bought me your book with only 23 days until my exam. I loved the book! This may sound silly, but the beyond adorable cartoons and gamification helped me regain my joy in learning. The “voice” you use in your book is wonderful. If you teach your classes the same way, I can see why your students adore you and have begged you to put together a book! Jennifer Mlocek, PMP

Heartiest Congratulations on Passing the PMP examĀ to Sunilkumar Krishnan

Heartiest Congratulations on Passing the PMP examĀ Sunilkumar Krishnan Here is what he has to say After reading several online reviews, my wife purchased your book ‘PMP Practice Test-2Ā ‘ and gifted it to me. I practiced it chapter by chapter. It helped me to realize that I needed to read PMBOK thoroughly despite having read several […]

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