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Are you preparing for the PMP exam? Important info | PMP Exam changes in 2023

PMP Exam changes in 2023

The PMP Exam is changing in 2023: All you Need to Know.   The PMP Exam is one of the most recognized credentials in the Project Management industry. Today, many companies across various industries use PMP as a requirement for project managers. PMI is the controlling authority of PMP certification and PMBOk standards. You can […]

Salience Model – How to manage stakeholders

The below video describes the salient model in detail. Latent Stakeholders They have just ONE attribute: 1 Dormant stakeholders They have power but not urgency or legitimacy. A stakeholder from top management of another unit. 2 Discretionary stakeholders They are legitimate but have no power or urgency. NGOs in construction projects. A feedback from your […]

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