Earn 60 PDUs in 5 Mins Using Pre-Approved PDU Claim Code in 5 Mins

60 PDU Course for PMP Renewal
Get 60 PDU in 5 Mins

How to earn 60 PDUs in 5 Mins

Using Pre-Approved PDU Claim Code in 5 Mins

In this topic, we will discuss the PMP renewal cycle and the mandatory requirements for renewing PMP certification. We will explore the PMP talent triangle and learn how to easily claim 60 PDUs using the pre-approved claim code in just 5 minutes. We will also discuss the next steps to take after claiming the PDUs to enable PMP for the next 3 years. Finally, we will address some commonly asked questions.

60 PDUs for PMP Renewal

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is valid for three years. To maintain your certification, you must renew it every three years by earning 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) and paying the renewal fee to PMI.

You can track your PDUs and renew your certification online through the PMI Continuing Certification Reporting System (CCRS).

For more information on PMP certification renewal, please visit the PMI website at [https://www.pmi.org/certifications/certification-resources/maintain/renew].

Steps involved in the PMP renewal process

There are two main steps to renew the PMP certification:

  1. Earn and claim 60 PDUs
  2. Pay the Renewal fee at PMI.org
60 PDU Course for PMP Renewal
Get 60 PDU in 5 Mins

Step 1: Earn and claim 60 PDUs for PMP Renewal

To meet the PDU (Professional Development Unit) requirements as per PMI’s Talent Triangle, you need to earn 60 PDUs with specific distribution criteria:
  • Ensure that 35 PDUs come from the “Education” category.
  • Earn a minimum of  8 PDUs in each of these three dimensions of PMI’s Talent Triangle: “Ways of Working,” “Power Skills,” and “Business Acumen.”.
  • This makes it a total of 24 PDUs. What about 11 PDUs in education? You have the flexibility to earn the remaining 11 PDUs in any area within the education category.
  • The rest of the PDUs 60 – 35 = 25. 25 PDUs can be claimed under the giving back category.

PMI’s Talent Triangle
PMP renewal requirement

How to use PMI ATP’s claim code to get PDUs quickly in 5 Mins

Registering for the 60 PDU – Happy Manager course at kavitasharma.net gives you a claim code and course access. You can go through the course and download the 60 PDU certificate. With the claim code provided, you can now claim the 60 PDU in 5 minutes at PMI’s CCR system using the pre-approved claim code.

Use the 60 PDU claim code towards PMP renewal at PMI CCR system

Step 2 – Pay towards Renewal of PMP credentials at PMI.org

Renew your PMP credential at the PMI website, login to PMI.org, and go to the dashboard. Click renew and pay the PMP renewal fees at PMI.org.

60 PDU Course for PMP Renewal
Get 60 PDU in 5 Mins

Get 60 PDUs for PMP Renewal

Enrolling in the Happy Manager course provides you with the opportunity to claim 60 PDUs in just 5 minutes by using a pre-approved claim code that will be provided to you upon registration. The course includes a downloadable certificate and a pre-approved claim code for 60 PDUs.

To claim your pre-approved PDUs, simply login to your PMI.org dashboard and apply the claim code. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes. Your dashboard will display the pre-approved PDU’s for 60 PDU within minutes of applying the claim code, as they have already been validated by PMI.

The 60 PDU course with us is one of the BEST hassle free and easiest method to meet the PMP renewal requirements.

60 PDU Course for PMP Renewal
Get 60 PDU in 5 Mins

I have questions about the 60 PDU process

Yes. Once you acquire 60 PDUs in your dashboard, you can renew PMP for the next 3 years.

The PMP renewal fee is applicable after meeting the 60 PDU requirements.

PMP renewal fee for India

The PMP renewal fee for India is INR 3,475 for PMI members and INR 11,585 plus applicable GST for non-members.

PMP renewal fee for Region 1, like USA and Canada

The PMP renewal fee for the USA is USD 60 for PMI members and USD 150 for non-members.

No. 60 PDU in 5 Mins is authentic and well-tested. We are a premier ATP with PMI. Check and authenticate with PMI here: https://atp.pmi.org/provider-directory

The course “Happy Manager” is approved by PMI, and hence, we can issue a PMI-approved and listed claim code for 60 PDUs when you buy the Happy Manager course from us.

You can buy the course here: /product/60-pdus-in-5-mins/


Check the expiration date of your PMP certification. If it is within the last 12 months, you still have time to renew. Confirm the same understanding with PMI support. You can initiate a live chat with them or write an email at support@pmi.org.

Buy the 60 PDU course, claim the PDUs at PMI CCR, and renew promptly. Do not waste any more time. We forget…

Yes, absolutely. Buy the 60 PDUs, claim, and renew. The renewal cycle will extend three years from the last date of the PMP cycle.

The renewal is prorated, i.e., it starts after the renewal date even if you renew today.

Let me explain with an example. My renewal still has some time to go – the date is 20 March 2024. If I renew now – it will renew till 19 March 2027.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are required to maintain the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. PDUs demonstrate that you are staying up-to-date on the latest project management trends and best practices.

You must earn 60 PDUs in three years to renew your PMP certification.

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