Himanshu – Congratulations

Dear Himanshu – It’s been a great pleasure to coach you. Congratulations on your success. You did it.:)

Dear Kavita Ma’am
I have passed the PMP exam. That was my first attempt on 28 December. The entire credit goes to you and your ‘Pass PMP in 21 Days’ study programme.
I enrolled in your online course in September and as soon as it was over, I was caught up in some new professional and personal commitments making me gasp for time and energy to study. I read in bits and pieces but always according to your plan. Kept taking small steps on a rough road. With limited time at hand, I looked nowhere else, read no other book, and participated in no online forum (now I know there was no need either).
I finally decided to commit myself to sit in the exam.  I completed the second reading of the PMBOK only by 25th and could only manage to do the ’30 Mins Test – Random Questions’ tests for 3-4 times, while still trying to eke out time and energy to focus. The thought of having not been able to do any of your mocks kept me on tenterhooks, and pacing through my only mock (@ PMI site) on the eve of the exam made me worried and mentally tired. Certainly not the best recipe to lift the World Cup. 😀
In hindsight, these all steps brought me closure to the bullseyeso to speak. Those 30-minute tests helped refine the way I used PMBOK. Now, I started feeling I could do it.
The way you explained and guided us still amazes me. Simple yet with a clinical approach. Like that straight drive off Tendulkar’s bat.
I can still hear your saying (before we bid adieu), ‘All my students pass. You can do it!’
Many thanks! You can help many more and in many ways. May the force always be with you!
God bless!
Himanshu Trivedi