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All about PMP exam, questions, domain and so on..

PMP Test Prep Kit

  • PMP Concept Learning Capsules – Full Class

  • 3000+ Question Bank
  • 8 Full-Length PMP Mock Tests
  • PMI’s cloned questions

  • 21 Days PROVEN plan
  • Updated for the latest version of 2021 material
  • Detailed Answers
  • MOST Important Topics – Videos by Kavita Sharma

Access Duration: 6 Months (183 Days)


  • Books by Kavita Sharma
  • Any other reading material
  • PDUs


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PMP Style Questions, PMI CLONED QUESTIONS. Daywise questions. Detailed videos by Kavita Sharma - Significant Contributor PMBOK.

2 Hours

Set aside 2 hours per day for the PMP exam prep for most of the days. You are required to send 4-5 hours/day only in the last phase ie simulation phase.


100% Pass. All the PMP aspirants pass. Follow the plan. Understand concepts and do simulations. You will pass the PMP exam