PMP Exam changes | Sept 2023

PMP® Exam: What’s Changing, Why, and How It Affects You

“Effective September 25, 2023 (EST), PMI is implementing enhanced data forensics and security protocols for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam. These updates aim to preserve the integrity of PMP® certification and reinforce fairness and validity in the examination process.

Before September 25:

– Candidates received preliminary results immediately from the test delivery provider (Pearson VUE).

– Misconduct detected through data forensics resulted in exam invalidation.

– Invalidated exam candidates could retake the exam for free, either in person (CBT) or online (OPT).

After September 25:

– Candidates will be notified that their responses have been sent to PMI, and they will receive exam results via email within five (5) business days.

– Enhanced data forensics will classify misconduct as a security failure, leading to score cancellation.

– Candidates with security failures can only retake the exam in person (CBT) at their own expense.

– Security failures will count as one of the candidate’s three PMP® exam attempts allowed within a single eligibility period.

Timeline for Implementation:

These exam security enhancements will go into effect on Monday, September 25, 2023 (EST), with potential variations based on time zones for customers in other regions. Major impacts may be observed towards the end of the week due to the five-day result delivery window.

Preparation for the Change:

PMI recommends that our partners update their materials for PMP® candidates to inform them of these new changes.

Communication to Candidates:

PMI will incorporate updates about these changes into all customer-facing materials for PMP candidates, including the Certification Handbook, PMP web pages, and online FAQs.

Confidentiality of Scoring Matters:

PMI will maintain the confidentiality of all scoring matters, sharing relevant information directly with affected parties but not publishing lists of affected candidates or sharing exam data with third parties.

Impact on Eligibility:

Candidates with canceled scores due to security failures will have used one of their three PMP test attempts within a year of the eligibility period. Subsequent reexaminations must be taken in person at a test center.

Online Retake Restriction:

Candidates with exam security failures will not be permitted to retake the PMP exam online to ensure the integrity of the examination process.

Financial Support for Retakes:

PMI does not offer grants or special discounts for candidates experiencing exam security failures. All candidates are treated equally in this regard.

Membership Consequences:

PMI members flagged for exam misconduct, including security failures, may not necessarily lose their membership but could face additional actions based on ethics and professional conduct agreements.

Implications for Training Entities:

PMI takes exam security seriously and will address any necessary actions concerning training entities.

Contact Information:

For additional questions regarding these changes or other exam security matters, please contact”