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What is new in PMBOK Sixth Edition

So whats new in PMBOK6? Many things. Let’s see them one by one: 1. Projects and business value creation There is lot more stress on the projects, why projects are initiated, the change projects bring in an organization and how to measure the success and business benefits. It was long due to being included as the project […]

Pass PMP in 21 Days – Online

2 Hours, 21 Days with Kavita Sharma. Get ready for the new PMP challenge.  New innovative class to give you required help and support towards PMP prep. More details here: Who is Kavita Sharma? Recognized as the Significant contributor for her skills and input in the latest version of PMBOK.Author of Pass PMP in […]

Book – PMP Practice tests

The much-awaited book to practice PMP questions is here: 400+ PMP STYLE QUESTIONS,  RECAPS, and  KEYWORDS.  PMP Practice Tests will help you prepare for the PMP exams AFTER you finish the PMP workshop or eLearning. The book is a compilation of PMP questions divided by knowledge areas. Recaps will help you review the most important […]

Book – Pass PMP in 21 Days – PMP Study Guide based on PMBOK SIXTH EDITION

The much-awaited book is here for you. 800+ Questions,  Let’s Play,  Mindmaps and  Scenarios  combined with keywords and mindmaps help you get started for the PMP Examination swiftly and effectively. The book keeps you engaged by simplifying concepts and engaging you with Let’s play elements. The project management concepts are simplified for a manager. Module-end […]

PMP Mathematics – Quick Book

Integration Management Cash-Flow Analysis Techniques Project Selection Criteria What is it Selection Mechanism Payback Period Period of time required to recoup the funds expended in an investment, or to reach the break-even point. Select Lowest Internal Rate of Return (IRR): Think bank Interest rate Internal portfolio rate at which the investment will produce results. Select […]

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