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Kavita Sharma - A Brief

Empowering Minds, One Step at a Time

Kavita Sharma has over 2 decades of diverse management experience, including 15+ years in corporate roles at multinational companies, giving her a wealth of knowledge and skills that can help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. As a seasoned management consultant, Kavita has spent the past decade coaching individuals and consulting organizations, leveraging her expertise to drive results and foster growth. She has also authored several books that have been widely recognized for their insights and practical advice.
Kavita Sharma's Pass PMP in 21 Days workshops are fun and engaging. The workshop uses quick learning techniques like keywords, revision Let's Play questions, and PMP-style homework. And that's the reason Kavita Sharma's students pass the PMP exam in their FIRST Attempt.
Kavita Sharma's Students have one of the BEST PASSING PERCENTAGE RATIO as per PMI records*

Kavita Sharma is the Author of the books "Pass PMP in 21 Days - Study Guide" and "Pass PMP in 21 Days - Practice Tests" - The BEST- SELLER in the PMP sphere.

She worked closely with PMI  in the development of PMBOK and is recognized by PMI as a significant contributor to PMBOK.

Kavita Sharma

Author, Coach and your Guide

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