Earn 60 PDUs in 5 minutes with our convenient Happy Manager course hosted at lms.kavitasharma.net. The Happy Manager course is pre-approved by PMI and has a claim code that can be applied to the PMI’s CCR system to gain the 60 PDUs towards PMP renewal quickly.

60 PDUs | PMP renewal

PMP certification is valid only for 3 years. To keep PMP certification, one has to renew the PMP certificate every 3 years. To renew the PMP certification, one has to acquire 60 PDUs and pay the renewal fee at PMI to continue the PMP certification for the next 3 years. You can check the details on your dashboard and also at https://www.pmi.org/certifications/certification-resources/maintain/renew.

Steps involved in the PMP renewal process

There are two main steps to renew the PMP certification:

Step 1: Earn and claim 60 PDUs

PMI Talent Triangle

Gain 60 PDUs as per PMI’s Talent Triangle. The current PMI Talent Triangle requirement is that out of 60 PDUs, one must attain at least 8 PDUs from all the 3 dimensions of the PMI Talent Triangle. The 60 PDU fulfillment can be through 2 categories – Education and Giving back. One must acquire at least 35 PDUs under education, which must fulfill the criteria below:

  • 8 Ways of Working
  • 8 Power Skills
  • 8 Business Acumen
  • The remaining 11 in any area of Talent Triangle

Registering for the 60 PDU – Happy Manager course at kavitasharma.net gives you a claim code and course access. You can go through the course and download the 60 PDU certificate. With the claim code provided, you can now claim the 60 PDU in 5 minutes at PMI’s CCR system using the pre-approved claim code.

Where to put the claim code at PMI CCR System

60 PDU Requirements met

Once you have claimed the PDU, the PMI CCR system will check and validate the PDU allocation. You should get the success email from PMI, which shows that 60 PDUs requirement towards PMP renewal is completed. Your dashboard should look like the picture here.

Step 2 – Pay towards Renewal of PMP credentials at PMI.org

Renew your PMP credential at the PMI website, login to PMI.org, and go to the dashboard. Click renew – see picture.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Renew-PMP-using-this-button-at-PMI.org_.png

There is a renewal fee at PMI.org; clicking the renew button will take you to the checkout page. You can renew the PMP credential for another 3 years after paying the renewal fee at PMI.org.

Step by Step Video | Claim 60 PDUs in 5 mins


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